Our Story

Human Civilization faces new challenges every time in every aspect of its development. New challenges require completely new approaches to cope with. Our approaches and endeavors largely depend on technology. Technology backed Communication System has led us to a superhighway of connectivity.

When our need for connectivity demands options technology offers flexibility. Technology is always there to serve the human race with its integrations and innovations. This integrations and innovations process involves new cutting-edge expertise to move on, impacting in two different ways; one makes room for redundancy and another opens gates for opportunities. Integrations and innovations have always been left a gap between existing human resources and needed cutting-edge experts.

Taleant is here to match the demand spectrum of integrations and innovations. We are working for developing the expertise to bar redundancy and updating the workforce. And we are confident to transform these challenges into opportunities.

Taleant is a business wing of TELEAUS, a leading fastest growing information and communications solutions and service provider. Taleant is a specialized and innovative platform for searching Jobs, Hiring Experts, Training on cutting-edge Technologies and building a Professional Network. Our vision is to bring all talented technology professionals and businesses under one umbrella globally. This will assist experts in networking, learning and earning. Recruiters can hire any expert directly and cost-effectively.